Chapter 261: The Killing Heart is Still There!

Chapter 261: The Killing Heart is Still There!

Fleeing was far from the first of his thoughts!

Before fleeing, he must first make the enemy pay a price!

That was Meng Hao’s personality. Core Formation Cultivators were engaged in battle not far away and his decision was still… KILL!

As the black-robed men approached, Meng Hao’s eyes filled with coldness. He lifted his hands and waved them forward. As he did, no magic appeared. Instead, a cold wind sprang up.

The wind blasted over the dozens of black-robed men, causing a displacement force to spring up. Immediately, the corpses of the two men Meng Hao had just slain with the wooden swords began to expand.

It happened extremely quickly. In the blink of an eye they had expanded to the point of explosion.


Amidst the roar, chunks of blood and gore showered out in all directions, rapidly turning black. A rotten smell filled the air.

As the blood and gore flew out, miserable screams could be heard. The seven or eight black-robed men nearest to the corpses were clearly infected by the black blood.

The blood contained poison!

As a Furnace Lord who focused on studying the Dao of poison, he had long since coated the two wooden...

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