Chapter 260: Five Years Without a Fight! (Teaser)

Chapter 260: Five Years Without a Fight!

As Meng Hao disappeared off into the moonlight, he looked back and saw Xu Qing standing there on the mountain peak. Memories of the times he had spent with her filled his mind.

The first time he handed her a medicinal pill in the Reliance Sect. Outside the Immortal’s cave in the Reliance Sect, when he gave her a Cosmetic Cultivation pill. Her voice underneath the moonlight. Then their time together in the Black Sieve Sect Blessed Land. And now.

For some reason, it seemed as if many stories lay therein.

Meng Hao wasn’t sure if this was romantic love. The feelings within in him now were things he’d never felt before, never experienced. What he did know was that every time he saw Xu Qing, he felt happiness well up within him that seemed to have been buried deep in his memories.

It was a good feeling.

In fact, during his five years in the Violet Fate Sect, the thing he found himself thinking about most often was cold Xu Qing, standing under the moonlight, her black hair floating in the wind.

“I wonder what it would be like… if the Reliance Sect were still there, if the Black Sieve Sect hadn’t taken Elder Sister Xu away? What if we were still...

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