Chapter 259: I Want To Watch You Fade Into the Distance

Chapter 259: I Want To Watch You Fade Into the Distance

As soon as the pill entered her mouth and began to dissolve, Meng Hao’s blood began to emit a crimson glow. At the same moment, the soul of Matriarch Phoenix within Xu Qing’s body began to shake. A sense of impending life-or-death danger appeared, but before she could do anything, a frightening aura submerged her, making it impossible to send a warning to anyone on the outside.

Suddenly, Xu Qing’s soul, which had previously been in a state of slumber, was infused with the red glow, nourishing her, causing her to recover. Xu Qing’s soul was being directed…. Matriarch Phoenix was being suppressed by the blood of a Demon Sealer, allowing Xu Qing to rise from her weakness, whereupon, a soul consumption began to take place within the body!

This soul consumption had been Meng Hao’s goal all along. He wanted Xu Qing to be able to do what Han Bei had done; fuse the discarnate soul, make it her own. Such a fusion would be undetectable by the Black Sieve Sect and the other discarnate souls. No one would be able to tell who truly held mastery over the body!

One in the midst of the other, a dangerous rebirth!

As Xu Qing raised...

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