Chapter 254: Thunder Across a Plain

Chapter 254: Thunder Across a Plain

“This pill….”

Meng Hao’s face looked the same as it always did. It was impossible to tell what he was thinking. His voice echoed out as if from unfathomably deep waters, immediately attracting the attention of all the onlookers.

Everyone, even Zhou Dekun, seemed to have assumed that Meng Hao had already lost. He didn’t appear to have even the slightest hope of achieving victory. Even a Violet Furnace Lord wouldn’t be able to identify the pill formula of an ancient pill.

“What of this pill?” interrupted Chen Jiaxi. “Fang Mu, why be wordy about it? Losing is losing! There’s no need to struggle against it!” He gave a cold laugh.

Meng Hao looked calmly at Chen Jiaxi.

When he spoke, his words were neither hasty nor halting. “The outer layer of this pill bears evidence of having been buried in the ground for at least one thousand years. Its death aura is dense, infecting even the jade box. However, the pill has not been harmed at all.

“The strange thing is that the middle layer of the pill is different. It contains only seven hundred years of time. Furthermore, although some of the plant and vegetation variations appear at first to have been refined with the ancient non-smelting...

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