Chapter 253: Primordial Heavenly Replenishing Pill!

Chapter 253: Primordial Heavenly Replenishing Pill!

In the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, a hundred different types of medicinal pills had been “delivered” over. Chen Jiaxi trembled; his face was ashen. His madness had reached an explosive height as he found that there wasn’t a single medicinal pill he could produce that his opponent couldn’t identify.

This level of skill left Chen Jiaxi in despair. He wanted to cry that his opponent was wrong, but he didn’t dare. If Fang Mu then used the formula to concoct an identical copy of the pill, Chen Jiaxi’s entire reputation would be in ruin.

Li Yiming stood off to the side, watching bitterly as Chen Jiaxi handed over pill after pill, and Meng Hao put pill after pill into his bag of holding. His scalp was numb, and his heart had filled with an indescribable fear.

The surrounding Black Sieve Sect disciples watched the scene in astonishment. From their perspective, Chen Jiaxi wasn’t competing with Fang Mu, he was just giving him pills.

On the other hand, Meng Hao’s actions left them buzzing with shock. His unfathomable skill with plants and vegetation, his irrefutable logic regarding the Dao of alchemy, and his fearsome...

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