Chapter 252: Crushing

Chapter 252: Crushing

“You and me, a contest of plant and vegetation knowledge!” said Chen Jiaxi, glaring at Meng Hao. In his opinion, Fang Mu had finagled his way to being a Furnace Lord, and was far too young to compare to him, considering how many years he had spent working with plants and vegetation.

He had utmost confidence in his ability. True, there were people within the Sect who could surpass him, but he was absolutely sure that he could achieve victory over this trifling, sharp-tongued Fang Mu.

Even as he spoke, he waved his right hand, causing two black, withered branches to fly out of his bag of holding.

“Dried Spring Equinox Sapling!” thought Zhou Dekun, staring at the dried branches.

“These treasured items have been passed down since ancient times! Dried Spring Equinox Sapling!” Chen Jiaxi grabbed one of the branches and held it in his hand.

“Grandmaster Fang Mu. You most likely do not recognize this item, so allow me to explain. This plant is rarely seen in the modern world, and does not occur naturally. The ancient method used to produce it has long since been lost. It has many uses, but it is because of one of its most amazing uses, that it came to be called the ancestor of all plants! Contained within this ancient plant is the essence of most types of plants and vegetations.

“As such, an alchemist...

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