Chapter 249: Reconciled

Chapter 249: Reconciled

“Well, it seems this trip to the Black Sieve Sect was by no means for naught!” Having put away the Spring and Autumn tree, Meng Hao smiled. However, deep in his eyes flickered a bit of doubt.

“There seems to be a deep connection between Han Bei and the East Pill Division. I wonder what secret lies there….” He thought about it for a bit, but then put the matter aside. Early morning light once again filled the sky outside.

“As for Zhou Jie, why did he go crazy? When I reencountered him for the first time earlier, something didn’t seem right… Discarnate souls possessing the body, returned from the afterlife….” Meng Hao sat there lost in thought for a while, before raising his head to look outside.

Moments later, he heard a respectful voice from outside. “Grandmaster Fang, the World Pill Division’s Grandmaster Chen will deliver an alchemy lecture today. Would you like to attend?”

Meng Hao thought about it for a moment. He was curious as to how these alchemists from the World Pill Division understood the Dao of alchemy. He rose to his feet and joined the disciple from the Black Sieve Sect. Together, they descended Black Welcoming Peak.

The location of the alchemy lecture was the fifty-seventh mountain of the Black Sieve Sect. This...

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