Chapter 248: The Origin of Time!

Chapter 248: The Origin of Time!

The incoming figures flew with incredible speed, but Zhou Jie was even faster. His howls echoed up as he transformed into a beam of light that sped through the air.

He wasn’t far from Meng Hao, and soon grew even nearer. Meng Hao could clearly see Zhou Jie’s insanity and confusion. His eyes were bloodshot and filled with pain.

It seemed as if he truly wished to die!

“Kill me!!” he screamed. It was at this point that the other Black Sieve Sect people arrived. There were five of them, all Core Formation Cultivators. Their hands flickered in incantation gestures, and suddenly the ground around Zhou Jie sank down. A booming sound rippled out, and Zhou Jie seemed to be suddenly suppressed. His face warped, and the frenzied agony in his eyes reached a pinnacle of intensity.

A massive boom exploded out from Zhou Jie’s body, sending the five Core Formation Cultivators tumbling backward several paces, their faces pale and blood spewing from their mouths.

Seeing all this, Meng Hao’s mind was reeling, and he had trouble believing it all was real. Zhou Jie was of the great circle of Foundation Establishment, halfway to Core Formation. However,...

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