Chapter 245: Back To the Black Sieve Sect (Teaser)

Chapter 245: Back To the Black Sieve Sect

Meng Hao didn’t really want to go, but the command jade slip had been issued, and he had no good reason to refuse. Furthermore… he owed a lot of medicinal pills to the Sect. All of his debts were in the official records, and although he didn’t have to pay up immediately, sooner or later, he would.

If he didn’t, then his access to medicinal plants would be restricted. Therefore, this trip outside the Sect would serve more than one purpose. Not only would he be able to gain experience, but he would could reduce some of his debt to the Sect.

“For Fang Mu, a trip to the Black Sieve Sect… is a great opportunity!” Determination glittered in Meng Hao’s eyes. His decision to go to the Black Sieve Sect having been made, the image of Elder Sister Xu appeared in his mind.

He also thought of Han Bei, as well as Zhou Jie, and all of the events which had occurred that year connected to the Black Sieve Sect. [1. Han Bei is the beautiful, conniving Conclave disciple who last appeared in Chapter 192. Zhou Jie is the Dao Child whose life Meng Hao spared in the final chapter of book 2, Chapter 204]

“This time, I will be traveling in the Southern Domain as a Furnace Lord of the Violet Fate Sect.” Chuckling, Meng Hao flicked his sleeve to gather together the various items he would take with him. Then, jade slip...

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