Chapter 244: Debate in the Alchemy Valley

Chapter 244: Debate in the Alchemy Valley

“Can you say anything other than the words ‘treason,’ ‘heresy’ and ‘rebellion against the Dao of alchemy?’” Meng Hao sat there cross-legged, as calm as a spring breeze. His expression hadn’t changed; he still had a smile on his face. But his words were incredibly sharp. The surrounding apprentice alchemists watched on, their faces shining with admiration.

Zhou burned with wrath, and his mind was reeling. His words began to grow more venomous. “You ignorant youth!” he said. “You don’t even know what it means to concoct pills. I suggest you get the hell out of the Sect and go back to suck your mother’s teat! Wait until….”

His words only caused Meng Hao’s smile to disappear. The cold look in his eye grew icy. “You don’t even deserve to utter the words ‘concoct pills.’ Medicinal pills are concocted, and concocting requires intelligence. That’s why it’s called concocting. Your Dao of alchemy is nothing more than copying. Concocting pills and copying pills. That's a difference of only one word. The crux of the difference, however, is that your Dao of alchemy reached the end of its road years ago!”

“Lies! Lies!” howled Zhou, his hair in disarray as...

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