Chapter 239: Li Fugui - Give Me Face, or Give Me Death!

Chapter 239: Li Fugui - Give Me Face, or Give Me Death!

Lin Hailong’s words instantly caused all of the master alchemists to begin panting. Their eyes glowed at the thought of Furnace Lord promotion. This type of good fortune was incredibly amazing!

If they could seize such good fortune, it might almost amount to destiny!

It was an opportunity, which, if taken advantage of, would allow them to soar to the heavens!

The master alchemists rushed forward, even the ones down below at the foot of the mountain. Eternal Mountain had never predicted that Lin Hailong would say what he did. His eyes narrowed.

Based on his understanding of Lin Hailong, he knew that the man wouldn’t make such an offer for no reason. There was definitely some deeper meaning within his words. After thinking for a moment, Eternal Mountain’s eyes suddenly began to gleam. “Don’t tell me he’s trying to … flush out Grandmaster Pill Cauldron!?” he thought.

It seemed Chu Yuyan and the ten or so other Furnace Lords present were thinking the same thing. Each and every one watched on with glittering...

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