Chapter 238: Determined to Prevail!

Chapter 238: Determined to Prevail!

Lin Hailong eyed the pill. “Heresy! You’re so low, you don’t even deserve to make a fool of yourself here!” He imperceptibly exerted pressure with his fingers in an attempt to crush the pill, but failed. He was in the mid Nascent Soul stage, and had reached a point where he could destroy magical items without the use of magic. And yet, he wasn’t able to harm the medicinal pill in the least bit.

“The path of the Dao of alchemy is focused on creating new pills,” he said coolly. “Anyone in the East Pill Division could practice this heretical art. But no one would deign to do so! This doesn’t even deserve to be called a pill!” He waved his right arm, sending the pill flying back to Eternal Mountain.

“This pill was not created from gold or iron,” said Eternal Mountain calmly, catching the pill. “Nor was it fused with crystal or stone. It was concocted from 37,924 types of medicinal plants together with countless variations, and is perfect in all respects. It contains the full and complete strength of all the five elements, and is matchless in Heaven and Earth. This truly represents the Great Dao of alchemy, and does not count as a mere refining. Years ago, I observed that Heaven is round, while the Earth is square. It was this enlightenment...

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