Chapter 237: Meeting Grandmaster Pill Cauldron

Chapter 237: Meeting Grandmaster Pill Cauldron

The Violet Qi Division and the East Pill Division of the Violet Fate Sect were both in shock. A disciple who had forsaken the Sect and then become a Grand Elder of the Dao of alchemy in the Golden Frost Sect, Eternal Mountain, had returned. For the first time in four hundred years… he stepped foot into the Violet Fate Sect!

Along with him had come one of the Golden Frost Sect’s two Dharma Protectors, Tang Shicang [1]. The other was a Nascent Soul Elder. Each of these individuals had practiced Cultivation for more than seven hundred years. Despite being only at the Nascent Soul stage, they were experts in magic, and together could destroy ten thousand enemies.

In addition to this, they were followed by a large group of Golden Frost Sect disciples, including Fatty. He looked very complacent, standing there at the forefront of the group of disciples, right next to Tang Shicang.

The Golden Frost Sect’s arrival, especially the presence of Grandmaster Eternal Mountain, provoked the appearance of the Violet Qi Division’s Dao Protector Wu Dingqiu [2. Wu Dingqiu is the same guy who had the bet with Eccentric Song back in the State of Zhao, and then threw the spear into the wall in the Violet Qi Division], as well as several Nascent Soul Cultivators. On the peak of one of the mountains...

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