Chapter 224: Medicinal Pills Can Foster Life, Poison Can Exterminate It!

Chapter 224: Medicinal Pills Can Foster Life, Poison Can Exterminate It!

Bai Yunlai held his tongue for the entire way back. Finally, when they reached the door of the Immortal’s cave, he couldn’t keep his mouth closed any longer. “Fang Mu, your plan….”

“I need Spirit Stones,” he said with a laugh. “I asked for six sets of medicinal plants because I plan to give a Barrier Breaking Pill to you. I can see that you’ve been stuck at the bottleneck of the eighth level of Qi Condensation for years now.” He clasped Bai Yunlai on the shoulder, turned, and entered his Immortal’s Cave.

As the door closed shut, Bai Yunlai stood there alone for some time. Finally, he clasped hands and bowed deeply, then left. His words of thanks were not spoken aloud, but imprinted on his heart.

Time passed. Soon seven days had gone by. Meng Hao sat cross-legged in his Immortal’s Cave, looking at the three Barrier Breaking Pills in front of him. He picked one up and looked at it closely.

“The difference between medicinal pills and poison pills is a matter of will. If murder were on my mind, I could simply adjust the poisonous elements of this Barrier Breaking Pill, and then whoever consumed it would be exterminated. Even if that person was extremely prudent and had someone else test the pill first, I could figure out...

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