Book 3 Chapter 222 - interlude

What Meng Hao Relies On!

Before, Meng Hao had to rely on the thoroughly unreliable Patriarch Reliance…. How could he possibly have known that old turtle Reliance would take the State of Zhao and disappear like a streak of smoke to the Milky Way Sea, where he currently swims around happily… Who knows, he might even be seducing a big mamma turtle….

Later, the unreliable Demon Lord of the Blood Demon Sect appeared… He seemed happy to help, and also seemed pretty badass, but as soon as he caught sight of the meat jelly, he started shaking in his boots and then refused to appear….

Later a mysterious person appeared who seemed like Meng Hao's mother, or was it the mother of the Resurrection Lily? Her true identity really is a mystery….

And then there’s that super badass Daoist Master of an entire generation, the one with the wicked cool name, Shui Dongliu. How cool was he? With the flick of a hand he painted a portrait and then spoke some bullshit Classical Chinese. After that he blathered some flattering ass-kissing words and pointed up to the sky, then ran off to who knows where to paint some more portraits….

Now, Meng Hao has reached the Violet Fate Sect, and has become Fang Mu. Suddenly, he’s found himself without anyone to rely on….

Actually, what this kid Meng Hao doesn’t know, is that what he can truly rely on is all you readers. Yes, you are what he can always rely on. You’ve been there as he has grown up, you’ve watched him try to pick up the girls, and you’ve seen him fight. Whether you read on your computer or on your phone, you’ve laughed and smacked your knee as you've read about the antics of the master con-man, Meng Hao.

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This was written by Er Gen. The last paragraph has some (minor) additions by Deathblade :-P

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