Chapter 218: First Round First Place!

Chapter 218: First Round First Place!

The middle-aged man’s eyes were blood red as he stared at the medicinal plant in front of him. “I joined the Sect twenty years ago,” he said “I’ve been an apprentice alchemist for half my life. Do you really think you can compare to me?” However, his face was gradually growing white. He had already made nine mistakes, so he now had only one chance left. Unfortunately, as for the plant in front of him… he didn’t recognize it.

After a long time passed, the middle-aged man laughed sadly, then slowly stood up. He didn’t record an answer. He took a long look at the medicinal plant, committing it to memory, then walked away.

As of now, Meng Hao was the only person left in the square!

The gaze of every single person, including Wang Fanming and the seven other old-timers, was focused solely on Meng Hao!

This was because… he was still filling out answers!

Meng Hao had no idea many how many answers he had provided. One hundred thousand medicinal plants, one million variations. Perhaps he had recorded half, perhaps more. He took a deep breath and focused on the medicinal plants on the screen in front of him. He gradually became aware that some of the medicinal plants were ones he had...

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