Chapter 193: The Flower Blooms at Dawn!

Chapter 193: The Flower Blooms at Dawn!

Above the sea and the enormous tree, was the endlessly roiling cloud vortex. Above the cloud vortex was the banquet set by the Song Clan in search of a son-in-law.

Currently the Song Clan Patriarch’s voice was ringing out across the sea, and the invisible woman had vanished. Deep within the recesses of the Song Clan mountains was where their Dao Reserves were located.

The corpse, composed of half a body, emitted a mysterious glow from its eyes. Hesitation flickered within the glow.

“Just… just who was she? She seems to have the spirit of an Immortal, but yet is not qualified to be one…. She was looking toward that young man Meng Hao with deep love and affection. However, the object of her gaze was not Meng Hao, but… that Resurrection Lily inside of him!

“She said that he would come before them, and would understand everything. Why did those simple words cause my hair to stand on end….” The old man’s eyes emanated an archaic light, and he sank into thoughtfulness. “She said that if he failed, she would wait for him to be reincarnated in the yellow springs of the underworld. How very logical. It seems she’s accustomed to such...

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