Chapter 171: Blood Demon Dao Child

Chapter 171: Blood Demon Dao Child

Sang Luo gave an arrogant snort that was apparently a response to Xu Luodi. Xu Luodi seemed to glow with vitality as he gazed upon approaching Meng Hao. His eyes were thick with cruelty.

“Today, Xu Luodi will help you to understand that when you help someone you shouldn’t, you will incur my wrath!” he said, his voice filled with crazed fervor. “And I will also help you to understand what Shaman Cultivators fear the most!”

The various Xiao Clan members were all pale-faced. Xiao Change’en laughed a bitter laugh, well aware that he had no way to undo what had already been done. He took a deep breath, and strode forward, power from his Cultivation base suddenly exploding out. It was the power of the mid Foundation Establishment stage, but it seemed somewhat weak. He was reaching the end of his longevity, so his Qi passageways had long since begun to wither. With effort, he could display the power of the mid Foundation Establishment stage, but in doing so, would actually harm his life force.

“The matter today has to do with the Xiao Clan, not any outsider,” he said, his entire body seeming to grow taller. “This person...

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