Chapter 167: You Know, That’s Immoral

Chapter 167: You Know, That’s Immoral…

“Are you an idiot? Ohh, I like idiots. Idiots are good. Idiots are great. Eee? [1. A quick word about "Eee?" This is a sound made in Chinese to express surprise or amazement. I hear it all the time, and it literally sounds like you are saying the letter E in a questioning tone. I could have translated it as "oh" or "ah" or something, but I think this transliteration more accurately captures the feeling of this uniquely Chinese sound. In Chinese it's 咦 yí.] How come you haven’t teleported away yet? Wait, are you actually an idiot? Why did that bird pick an idiot?” The meat jelly continued to chatter without stopping.

Patriarch Violet Sieve raised his head up to the sky and howled. He shot closer, lifting his hand. All the light in the area seemed to grow dim, and ripples spread out everywhere, which then began to collapse in toward Meng Hao.

Meng Hao’s face went pale. With a bitter smile, he looked at the glittering shield in front of him that was protecting him from Patriarch Violet Sieve. It was rapidly collapsing. Up ahead, the faces within the black aura emitted by the cage roared with rage. There was no time for Meng Hao to think. He pinched...

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