Chapter 166: Ultimate Vexation Bonds a Master!

Chapter 166: Ultimate Vexation Bonds a Master!

“According to the ancient records, this is Ultimate Vexation,” said Patriarch Violet Sieve. “It will never bond a master, it loves thunder, and consumes lightning. However, what excites it more than anything is not lightning, but the electricity within the human body!

“The electricity contained within the Dao Pillars of hundreds of Cultivators, as well as the power of their Cultivation bases, has been combined into the Hundred Spirits Tower. This thing has never encountered such immense, intangible aura as that which emanates from this tower!” He stared at the meat jelly, which was currently backing away slowly.

Next to Patriarch Violet Sieve, the beautiful middle-aged woman was also staring at the meat jelly. Both of them rotated their Cultivation bases. They seemed ready to spring into action at any moment.

Panting, Patriarch Violet Sieve used Divine Sense to communicate with the beautiful woman: “Wait just a bit longer. This thing is fast, and if it wishes to flee, even a Sect Patriarch wouldn’t be able to...

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