Chapter 164: That Bird’s Aura

Chapter 164: That Bird’s Aura…

The spot between Han Bei’s eyebrows glowed with a violet light. Panting, she shot into the air after one of the pages. Meng Hao also leaped into the air, moving with as much speed as he could muster after the other page.

They flew up simultaneously and in different directions, dodging in and out of the lightning in pursuit of the jade pages. Just as each person was about to lay hands on their respective pages, the meat jelly, which had been observing them this whole time, suddenly sprang into action.

It’s movement caused Meng Hao’s expression to flicker and Han Bei’s face to fall. Both of them were filled with fear.

The object itself wasn’t dangerous, but it seemed to enjoy jumping onto peoples’ heads, and then consuming lightning. In other words, its arrival heralded the onslaught of a sea of lightning!

“Dammit!” said Meng Hao, his eyes narrowing when he saw the meat jelly heading toward him. Han Bei, who was moving in a different direction, breathed a sigh of relief.

Keeping his eye on...

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