Chapter 162: Crafty Schemes

Chapter 162: Crafty Schemes

Her words were essentially meaningless. Xu Youdao increased his speed.

Three people, three different directions. They sped forward, their lightning-repelling items glittering. They flew forward in the twinkling of an eye. Meng Hao also took action; however, he didn’t rush in pursuit of the jades. Instead, he headed toward Han Bei, who seemingly had lost control over her own ancient jade.

At the same time Xu Youdao reached the jade he had been pursuing. He flicked his sleeve, collecting it into his bag of holding. Throughout the process, he avoided any dangers whatsoever.

“Hahaha! Fellow Daoist Han, I’ve retrieved the item for you. I’ll keep it with me for now and give you a copy later.” At the same time as his laughter rang out, Xie Jie’s eyes suddenly glittered brightly. Anyone looking at him would see the same suspicions that existed moments before on his face. However, Han Bei was not faking; the anxiety and enmity on her face after all the coughing up of blood were real. And yet, Xu Youdao had succeeded; Xie Jie seemed to no longer suspect anything....

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