Chapter 160: No Meng in the Nine Families

Chapter 160: No Meng in the Nine Families

The outside was an enormous square cauldron, whereas inside there was a Heavenly circular cauldron. This circular cauldron was truly a Heavenly trend!

Meng Hao’s mind buzzed as he saw this. Having experienced the world of the enormous cauldron, he felt as if it contained something cosmic.

“Nine kneeling figures, nine pinnacles of the Heavens,” muttered the gray-robed man, beginning to tremble. “These kneeling figures are not people, they obviously are referring to the will of the Heavens!

“No, no. How could the cauldron be reversed? It shouldn’t be like this. The heavens are circular and the earth is square. That’s a generally acknowledged truth from ancient times. It’s a law that was established tens and tens of thousands of year ago, a principle of heaven and earth.

“The cauldron should be circular on the outside and square on the inside. That would be correct. In that case, it would be as they say, the Heavens on the outside, above, the earth on the inside, beneath….” The man’s body trembled even harder as he continued to mumble to himself. It seemed as if he just couldn’t comprehend the world of this cauldron which was square on the outside and circular on the inside.

Xu Youdao stared blankly at the circular cauldron, his...

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