Chapter 151: I’ll Do It Myself

Chapter 151: I’ll Do It Myself

The dark red vines seemed to have been infected by Meng Hao’s fury. They whipped about wildly, creating a buzzing noise. Dust rose from the ground like a fog, obscuring Meng Hao’s figure.

His black scholar’s robe now looked a bit faded. Long hair whipped around him, and killing intent, fueled by his intense anger, rose to the heavens. This killing aura was poles apart from Meng Hao’s usual disposition.

Veins of blood filled his eyes. He saw Xu Qing’s helplessness, her bitterness, her pale beauty, and then the simple smile that broke out on her face. That smile became Meng Hao’s everything.

Meng Hao loved her. It was the youthful love that comes from looking at a pretty girl. A simple love. After the dissolution of the Reliance Sect, they had been separated by an entire world. Now that they could see each other again, the years that had passed didn’t seem very long after all, almost like a dream.

Seven or eight years ago, you were a cold, a young girl who stood beneath...

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