Chapter 138: Good Luck Charm

Chapter 138: Good Luck Charm

As Meng Hao uttered the words, his left hand flickered in an incantation gesture. He pressed a finger onto his solar plexus, and some blood from his Cultivation base seeped out of his mouth. This blood was very precious; Cultivators could only produce so much of it. But Meng Hao didn’t hesitate. He wiped the Cultivation blood off of his lips with a finger, then pressed the finger onto the mask.

According to the Spirit Devouring Scripture branded onto his mind, this was a simple method to take control of the mask.

His finger sank inside, deep into the mask’s recesses. It pushed very far back, into a distant corner. There, face gloomy and uncooperative, was the Li Clan Patriarch.

“Your will is weak!” cried the Li Clan Patriarch shrilly. “Therefore, the mask tried to bewitch you!”

Meng Hao’s finger paused before the Li Clan Patriarch. His eyes were cold, and he said nothing. After a moment, he pushed down, causing the Li Clan Patriarch to let out a shrill, depressed groan. His body grew dim as he was pressed down; it seemed as he might fade away.

“In the outside world, I could destroy you countless times over with a single finger!” roared the Li Clan Patriarch furiously. Filled with stubborness, he glared out with fading eyes. Meng Hao’s finger paused, then slowly moved back. But then, just when the Li Clan Patriarch was heaving a sigh of relief, it pushed...

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