Chapter 137: 10th Patriarch of the Wang Clan

Chapter 137: 10th Patriarch of the Wang Clan

A few days earlier….

The Southern Domain. The State of Cloudy Skies.

This nation existed in the centre of the Southern Domain. It encompassed a huge territory, vastly larger than the State of Zhao. Even in the Southern Domain, nations like this could be counted on one hand.

Within the State of Cloudy Skies, there were no Sects whatsoever. It was one of those uncommon nations that didn’t have Sects. Instead, in this nation, there was a Clan. This Clan was named Wang. And this nation… was also named Wang!

Male members of the Wang Clan who were mortal and could not practice Cultivation became part of the royal family of the State of Cloudy Skies. Those who could practice Cultivation entered the Wang Ancestral Mansion.

As for Cultivators without the surname Wang, they formed auxiliary branches of the Wang Clan. It had been this way for generation after generation.

After Meng Hao consumed the Perfect Foundation Pill and emerged from the Blood Immortal Legacy zone, a sound could be heard. This sound came from the tenth mountain amongst the Three Thousand Forbidden Mountains within the State of Cloudy Skies. It was the sound of breathing.

The Three Thousand Forbidden Mountains of the Wang Clan were not connected. They were dispersed throughout the State of Cloudy Skies. Underneath each mountain was a wooden coffin....

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