Chapter 136: Zhou Daya!

Chapter 136: Zhou Daya!

Meng Hao’s expression was the same as ever as the ten Cultivators passed him up. He continued to fly onward, although not as quickly. Soon, the other Cultivators were much further past him. His eyes flickered slightly. He didn’t leave, but continued to follow them, looking exactly as if he were seeking the source of the Heavenly Tribulation and, like the rest of the others, more Tribulation Lightning.

“Why did that Heavenly Tribulation come?” said Meng Hao in the same tone as the others. He looked very thoughtful as he asked, “What is there about this place that provoked it?!”

“Good question! I’ve never seen Heavenly Tribulation like that before. Don’t tell me there was a person here transcending Tribulation? No one has done that since ancient times, although you can read about it in the ancient records….”

“Yeah, it’s really weird…”

It was afternoon by the time the Tribulation clouds began to disperse. The midday sun shone over the land. Nearly a thousand people were scouring the area, but couldn’t find any clues. Eventually though, they found the volcano.

Before anyone could enter it, three beams of light appeared overhead, each of them three hundred meters wide. Soon...

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