Chapter 130: The Perfect Foundation!! (Teaser)

Chapter 130: The Perfect Foundation!!

“What about the rest of them?” asked the statue coolly. Having been called Patriarch by Li Daoyi, and considering what it had said about possession, it seemed that its true identity was now apparent.

This was the Li Clan Chosen who had passed through the eighth matrix four thousand years ago, but had not continued onto the ninth. That was the only interesting or amazing thing that anyone knew about him.

Even after returning to the Li Clan, he said or did little. A thousand years after that, he passed away in meditation. Nowadays, unless you mentioned the Blood Immortal Legacy, no one would even remember him.

However, one of the Li Clan’s deepest secrets, were the final words spoken by that very person. Those words had been passed down from one generation of Li Clan Lord to the next. Actually, the Patriarch… was not dead at all.

His last words stated that after the completion of the eighth Blood Immortal Legacy tournament, the bloodline of Ancient Doom had fallen to the Li Clan!

The person who had emerged from the Legacy tournament four thousand years ago was him, but not all of him. That person contained only a portion of his spirit. The rest of him had forced itself upon the slumbering Blood slave in the sixth matrix. From that day until this, only members of the Li Clan were aware of it.

It was an unimaginably fantastic situation. The Blood slave was incredibly powerful, and the Li Clan Patriarch, being at the Foundation Establishment stage, should not have been able to successfully possess it. In fact, anyone below the Nascent Soul stage shouldn’t be able to. Yet somehow… he had!

No one could possibly know how he’d accomplished it. However, afterwards part of him returned to the Clan missing most of its spirit. It faded away, leaving behind a final will and explanation.

“Patriarch can ignore the disciples of the Song Clan and Blood Demon Sect,” said Li Daoyi with a respectful smile. “And the one who just escaped counts for nothing. However, this Wang Lihai from the Wang Clan must die!” The Blood Dragon next to him lifted its head.

Suddenly, several Blood Divinities appeared in the region surrounding Li Daoyi. One of them was Wang Lihai’s Xuanwu turtle, as well as the Blood Sprite belonging to the young man who looked like...

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