Chapter 128: Li Daoyi’s Sixth Matrix

Chapter 128: Li Daoyi’s Sixth Matrix

As Meng Hao walked out of the fifth matrix carrying the mastiff, Wang Lihai also emerged. His Blood Divinity, the fierce-looking Xuanwu tortoise, was also covered in wounds.

Ahead of Meng Hao and Wang Lihai was Li Daoyi, who still hadn’t passed through the sixth matrix.

Behind the two, five people were still stuck in the fifth matrix.

Wang Lihai’s gaze fell upon Meng Hao, and his eyes narrowed slightly. Then he sat down cross-legged off to the side. After he emerged from the spell matrix, the power of heaven and earth in the surrounding area rushed into Meng Hao, which he then channeled into the dying mastiff.

Meng Hao produced large amounts of medicinal pills, which he fed one by one to the mastiff to aid in the recovery process.

Thankfully, the spiritual energy was quite thick on the platforms, especially the one outside the fifth matrix. The mastiff absorbed the thick energy from Meng Hao, and its wounds slowly began to heal. Its shattered bones gradually grew back together. After a while, the mastiff was no...

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