Chapter 126: Out of Nowhere

Chapter 126: Out of Nowhere

On the opposite shore is a flower; it blooms with seven colors; its name means Immortal Ascension. [1. The name of the Resurrection Lily in Chinese contains a reference to a Buddhist concept called Pāramitā, which literally translates as "the other shore"]

Every Resurrection Lily in the world feeds on the life of someone powerful, is watered with that person’s blood. As a result of the countless condensations of mystical will, it lives, going from one color to another, seven in all.

Meng Hao had been infected with a three-colored Resurrection Lily. In front of him, was a four-colored Resurrection Lily. Complicated feelings arose inside him. He could clearly sense that this flower had once been just like him, a Cultivator.

As soon as he caught sight of the Resurrection Lily, a three-colored mist emerged from the top of his head and congealed into a beautiful three-colored Resurrection Lily. It swayed back and forth. The petals formed a demonic face that seemed to wish to cry, but didn’t. It was as if recalling its life made it wish to weep, but at the same time, it was unwilling to.

Gradually, the four-colored Resurrection Lily in front of Meng Hao also began to sway back and forth. Eventually, Meng Hao realized that standing on top of the flower was the...

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