Chapter 119: The Legacy Shocks the Southern Domain

Chapter 119: The Legacy Shocks the Southern Domain

"This Legacy tournament must surely involve some dangers that are impossible to imagine. If I'm careless, I'll likely fail and die... But with great risk comes great reward. If something is riskier, it shows that there is more chance for reward. If there isn't such danger, then fine. But if there is... Well, if I don't go, then I'll regret it for the rest of my life!" Determination filled his eyes as he continued to think over what Chu Yuyan had told him. However, after some time, he hadn't come up with any new ideas about why she had told him so much.

"She was provoking me. Maybe her true goal was to get me to go in. Or perhaps it wasn’t... The chances of the latter are small. Perhaps she hopes that after entering and starting the Blood Immortal Legacy tournament, it will attract the attention of the outside world, and perhaps give the Violet Fate Sect a better chance of tracking her down." His eyes flashed as he looked over at her.

"If I don't go, nothing will happen. But if that's what she wanted, why would she go into such detail right now, especially in a way that would make me...

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