Chapter 112: Things Change

Chapter 112: Things Change

"That's... that's a roc!" cried Chu Yuyan. "In the lands of South Heaven, rocs can only emerge from the Milky Way Sea. Meng Hao, let me loose. Based on the death aura emanating from it, its obviously about to die, and is heading toward the Rebirth Cave. The wind it kicks up is going to sweep everything away!”

"You release me first," he said, coldly. He could feel the shaking of the Demonic Core within his Dao Pillar.

"You!" said Chu Yuyan, gnashing her teeth. She was about to say something else when suddenly the wind's ferocity increased dramatically. In the blink of an eye, a roaring sound filled the earth. Countless mountain peaks were shattered and crumbled by the wind, sending fragments of rock flying about. All of a sudden, the roc changed directions. Having felt the power of the Demonic Core within Meng Hao, a mysterious light began to shine from its eyes. It screamed through the air in the direction of Chu Yuyan and Meng Hao.

The sky grew dark as the gale-force wind blew over the land, threatening to sweep everything...

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