Chapter 1614: A Ship Approaches From the Horizon!

Chapter 1614: A Ship Approaches From the Horizon!

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A few days later, Meng Hao and Xu Qing left, having left his parents with his eternal blessings.

As for the cultivator who had tried to interfere with the silk ball, it goes without saying that he met a bad end. He had offended Meng Hao, the lord of the starry sky, and had done so in a way that was no better than slaughtering a sect or even wiping out a world. To Meng Hao, it was actually worse than any of those things.

The cultivator vanished without a trace. He was completely wiped out, along with the memories of him which existed in the minds of people who had known him. It was as if he had never even existed within the starry sky to begin with.

Considering Meng Hao’s status and position, he normally wouldn’t do such a thing. However,...

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