Chapter 1608: The End of an Epoch

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Meng Hao had thought long and hard about whether it was true that the starry sky of the Vast Expanse had only ever had three Transcendors. The answer to that question came to him when he saw Jin Yunshan.

Perhaps the actual number of people who had Transcended wasn’t important. The key was that those three particular Transcendors had destroyed fingers of Allheaven, and were thus the perfect examples of what it meant to Transcend.

As Meng Hao looked at those three figures, he suddenly realized that there were other people like them, deeper within the Universe....

He knew by now that his true destination was that very Universe. That was the world of the Transcendors, a place where they could search for that which existed beyond the Ancestor Realm.

The path of cultivation went on and on forever....

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