Chapter 1602: The God Descends!


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This fist strike of innumerable ghost images did not rely on raw power, but rather, speed. It was caused by tens of thousands of punches that moved so quickly that countless afterimages sprang up, and yet created an illusion of being only a single punch.

Meng Hao was shocked. He could defend against this fist strike, but to do so while simultaneously dealing with Su Ming meant that he would be facing both the Ghost and the Devil, placing him in incredible danger.

As the fist closed in, Meng Hao howled, drawing upon all of the power of his cultivation base to defend himself. A boom echoed out, and blood sprayed out of his mouth. Even as he was sent flying, Su Ming closed in and cast a divine ability.

Meng Hao’s expression was extremely unsightly as he coughed up more blood. He had lost the initiative, and at the moment there was no opportunity to get it back. The Ghost was currently bearing down with another fist strike.

Meng Hao was being beaten back relentlessly by the combined efforts of the Ghost and the Devil. His hair was in disarray, and he looked to be in very bad condition. He fell back again and again, and it truly seemed as if he were about to meet utter defeat.

Clearly, Allheaven didn’t just want to win. He wanted to consume Meng Hao, to use him to complete himself. He still hadn’t given up on his plan to use Meng Hao for his Nirvanic Rebirth.

Rumbling sounds echoed out as the Ghost Emperor and the Devil Specter knocked down Meng Hao’s Demon Sovereign. Even as they prepared to destroy it completely, a cold snort echoed out. The Ghost’s eyes flickered with killing intent. Raising both hands up above him, he once again summoned the Gate of the Ghost Realm. The black hand appeared again, reaching for Meng Hao with desolate madness.

At the same time, Su Ming’s eyes flickered with killing intent, and the black marks seemed to almost completely overtake his face. He also raised his hands into the air, and shockingly, a mountain appeared behind him. It had five peaks that looked like fingers, and at its base was a tribal stockade. Furthermore, hovering in the air above the mountain was a blood-colored moon!

An aura erupted from the illusory image, an aura that could shake Heaven and Earth, an aura with the power to destroy everything! It was as if that entire world were crushing down onto Meng Hao, and as it neared, it merged with the Gate of the Ghost Realm. The starry sky in the vicinity was transformed in all aspects.

Meng Hao had long since imagined how difficult the final battle with Allheaven would be, but he could never have guessed that things would turn out this way. Furthermore, Allheaven hadn’t truly appeared yet. This was only his eighth transformation.

At the same time, Meng Hao had to remain constantly on the alert for someone who had yet to make an appearance... the God!

Suddenly, Meng Hao looked around to find that he was in a different place. Shockingly, Heaven and Earth had become a barbaric and savage place.

It was as if he had been transported back into ancient times. Far off in the distance was a mountain that resembled a hand, beneath which was a tribal stockade. A blood-colored moon hung in the sky, and there was also a huge gate visible, out of which poured countless ghosts.

The ghosts formed into the shape of a huge black hand that stretched out toward him. Suddenly, the blood moon exploded, transforming into innumerable blood-colored bats which also sped toward Meng Hao, squealing in high-pitched shrieks.

However, things weren’t over yet. Everything around him distorted, as if the world itself were his enemy. Everything began to shrink down, apparently intent on grinding him into dust.

At the same time, people were pouring out of the tribal stockade and charging toward him. Everything in this entire world, from the blades of grass to the trees, were all becoming weapons of murder, attempting to kill him!

Meng Hao looked around quietly, his eyes glowing red. Then, he began to laugh uproariously. It was a demonic laughter, and it matched his facial expression, which flickered between something domineering, something fierce, something righteous, and something evil.

Then he waved his right hand and yelled, “Parrot!”

Instantly, a high-pitched squawk rang out as the parrot appeared. Next came the copper mirror, which now had a pearl on it.

It was none other than the pearl Dong Hu had given to Meng Hao before dying. After fusing into the copper mirror, it made the mirror vastly more powerful than it already was.

The parrot and the copper mirror instantly melted, covering his arm and then spreading out over his entire body as a suit of armor. A pitch-black Battle Weapon appeared, vicious to the extreme, nine meters long and utterly shocking.

A red cape billowed out behind Meng Hao as his cultivation base power was bolstered by the power of the copper mirror.

“Ghost and Devil? So what!?” he said, slowly floating up into the air. He raised the Battle Weapon above his head with his right hand, and laughed, his expression flickering with multifarious transformations, his eyes glowing bright red.

“You shall be severed!” he roared. Gripping the hilt of the Battle Weapon with both his left and right hands, he looked out at the world around him... and viciously slashed down with the blade!

A huge rift was torn open in the land, which spread out to fill the entire world. The ghostly hand was destroyed, and the blood-colored sky was shattered. The blood-colored bats were ripped to shreds, and the charging tribe members were eradicated. The five-peaked mountain was torn apart. All Heaven and Earth were completely sundered.


The whole world was completely and utterly split in two, then collapsed into fragments. Meng Hao could again see the destroyed area that was the outside of the Vast Expanse. The ruins in the area were now nothing more than dust and ash. The Ghost and the Devil were both coughing up blood as they were forced backward by Meng Hao's blast of energy.

As of this moment, Meng Hao’s surging energy was sending brightly-colored light flashing throughout all creation, filling Allheaven's heart with dread.

He hovered there, clad in vicious-looking armor, the Battle Weapon vibrating slightly. He was panting slightly, and every inhalation seemed to make the starry sky shrink.

Hefting the Battle Weapon, eyes gleaming as if he were prepared to toss caution to the wind, he spoke out in a hoarse voice, “The God is the final part of the eighth transformation. When will you be showing your face?!”

Almost instantly, a cold snort echoed out, and a figure descended from above with lightning speed.

Stars swirled on his forehead, and he wore a long white robe. His hair was also white, and his expression was completely merciless. The most murderous of auras overflowed from within him.

Meng Hao had seen this face before. It was the same face as the statue on the Immortal God Continent, and was also exactly the same as Slaughter’s face!

The only difference was that, as Meng Hao well knew, the God, the Devil, and the Ghost whom he faced were not the true versions of those beings. These were simply puppets created by Allheaven, based on his memories.

Meng Hao looked at the God, then threw his head back and laughed uproariously. His desire to fight only continued to grow.

Chapter 1602: The God Descends!


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