Chapter 1596: Goldrobes Covets the Mountains and Seas!

Chapter 1596: Goldrobes Covets the Mountains and Seas!

After reaching that incredibly high level and emerging from secluded meditation, Jin Yunshan rocked the entire Vast Expanse School, and even the starry sky as a whole. The first thing he did after emerging was begin to challenge all of the peak 9-Essences experts to battle.

It didn’t matter if they were people from the past, or people who had risen up in recent millennia, he challenged all of them. Shockingly, the first person on his list was the former Sect Leader of the Vast Expanse School.

However, upon reaching the Sect Leader’s secluded meditation facilities, he stood there silently. After sensing the fluctuations of death from inside, he realized that the Sect Leader had long since returned to the dust.

Much to the excitement of...

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