Chapter 1592: Same Scenery, Filled with Strangers

Chapter 1592: Same Scenery, Filled with Strangers

Gone.... Everyone had gone.

Meng Hao suddenly aged visibly. He returned silently to the Ninth Mountain, to Xu Qing’s bedside, who looked very, very old. He looked at her

“Why don’t you just... let me go...?” she said softly, her voice hoarse.

Meng Hao shivered, but didn’t respond. He continued to feed her his blood, which was the only thing keeping her alive.

Xu Qing went back to sleep. Meng Hao stood there looking at her, his eyes bloodshot. After a long moment passed, he turned and walked out of the room. Gazing up in the sky, his eyes flickered with the light of augury as he once again tried to come up with a way to keep his loved ones alive for longer, something other than the soul seeds...

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