Chapter 1591: Shui Dongliu’s Jade Slip

Chapter 1591: Shui Dongliu’s Jade Slip

Zhixiang was beautiful. She had been beautiful when she was young, and even in her old age, her hair white, her face full of wrinkles, she was still beautiful.

During those thousand years, one person after another passed away.

Every time someone familiar to him closed their eyes for the final time, Meng Hao’s pain grew. Sometimes he laughed bitterly. He could seal the Heavens, but when it came to this curse, he was helpless.

The curse of Allheaven was a torment. It was a torment to whoever had killed him. That person would remain alone for all time, watching time pass, watching the blue seas turn into lush fields.

It was a tactic, a scheme. When Allheaven grew incredibly weak, he could use that scheming tactic to...

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