Chapter 1589: Time is Limited!

Chapter 1589: Time is Limited!

Glittering lights filled the vortex that was the home of the Mountain and Sea Realm as more and more familiar faces were resurrected. Cheering could be heard everywhere as countless people who had fought in the war were now returned to life.

An old man appeared who was none other than Grandpa Fang. As soon as Meng Hao caught sight of him, a tremor ran through him, and he immediately rushed forward and kowtowed respectfully, tears streaming down his face.

Grandpa Fang looked around in confusion, but then saw Meng Hao, and a smile broke out on his face. The truth was that years ago, he had accomplished the final mission given to him by Shui Dongliu, which had been to infiltrate the 33 Heavens and cause their land masses to collide against each other. That was when he had truly died. Laughing, he helped...

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