Chapter 1586: I am the Heavens!

Chapter 1586: I am the Heavens!

As his cultivation base rose, Meng Hao’s divine sense also experienced terrifying growth. It doubled. Tripled. Quadrupled... and kept going.

His fleshly body had already reached a pinnacle in the past, but now that he was absorbing the quintessence of Allheaven, it broke through and became even stronger.

It was the same with his soul, which was undergoing unprecedented enhancement.

Meng Hao threw his head back and roared. His eyes were bright red, and his breath came in ragged pants as he felt himself growing through his consumption of Allheaven. Slowly but surely, he was advancing toward the complete Ancestor Realm.

He was consuming Allheaven, the lord of the starry sky of the Vast Expanse!

The killing intent in Meng Hao’s eyes burned as the sea of blood expanded, sucking in more fragments of the Immortal mountain.

In sharp contrast to what was happening with Meng Hao, Allheaven’s clone was screaming shrilly because of the feeling of being absorbed. It was something he had never felt before, and it left him trembling. He knew with absolute certainty that there was no way for him to escape, not while he was inside of the Vast Expanse. With his true form being outside of the Vast Expanse, there was nowhere inside that he could flee to.

Before this battle began, he had been able to theorize about how powerful Meng Hao was, but had never been able to imagine being defeated by him. It was all thanks to the fatal blow delivered by the combined six Hexes.

Allheaven’s clone knew that he was in grave danger. As he watched Meng Hao rapidly devouring the rubble of the Immortal mountain, he threw his head back and howled, “I'm Allheaven! I'm the lord of the starry sky!”

In that moment, he ceased any attempts to flee. Eyes bright red, he stabbed his hands into his chest and began to rip it open.

As his chest was torn asunder, endless Vast Expanse mist began to pour out, churning and seething with indescribable power. Shockingly, within that mist... were Nine Mountains and Nine Seas!

“Seventh Allheaven Transformation! Mountains and Seas become the Demon!!” As the shrill cry of Allheaven’s clone echoed out, his body began to vanish. His life force, his will, and his thoughts all formed together. Something was created from nothing as all of those things poured into the Mountain and Sea Realm.

Rumbling echoed out as Allheaven transformed into the Mountain and Sea Realm, which then hovered there in the starry sky.

Because the Mountain and Sea Realm still existed, the fact that Allheaven had transformed into it meant that he was connected to the real version. If he were harmed, it could affect the real Mountain and Sea Realm.

By this point, Meng Hao in blood sea form had absorbed the last bit of rubble from the Immortal mountain, and his cultivation base had finished rising. The sea of blood then shrank down until it was a crimson, humanoid mass. Eventually, Meng Hao’s facial features became clear.

He hovered there, causing the starry sky around him to tremble as he sent out his will to replace that of Allheaven. Now Meng Hao was the lord of this part of the starry sky.

“Seventh transformation. Mountain and Sea Transformation....” Meng Hao’s eyes glinted with a glow like that of blood as he contemplated the previous four transformations. The third, fourth, fifth, and sixth transformations had been that of the Ghost, the Devil, the God, and the Immortal. Therefore, it was no surprise that the seventh transformation would be that of the Demon.

However, that transformation was actually incomplete!

Rumbling sounds echoed out as the Allheaven version of the Mountain and Sea Realm, complete with nine boundless seas and nine towering mountains, radiated intense power as it shot toward Meng Hao.

The Nine Seas joined forces to crush Meng Hao. The Nine Mountains united to smash him. Meng Hao faced the Nine Mountains and Nine Seas, then waved his hand out in front of him and coolly said, “Demon Sealing Hex. Seventh Hex! Karmic Hexing!”

Even as the words left his mouth, countless Karma Threads appeared upon the Allheaven version of the Mountain and Sea Realm.

There were so many of them that any person who could actually see them would be thoroughly shocked.

Meng Hao, on the other hand, didn’t seem surprised at all. Eyes glittering, he performed an incantation gesture with his right hand, then pointed out at the incoming mountains.

“Seal the Karma of the Mountains!” he said, his words filled with the power of magic.

His cultivation base erupted, causing an enormous, invisible blade to appear, a blade which could sever Karma. That blade shot toward the Nine Mountains, not to slash into the mountains themselves, but rather... to sever the Karma which connected them to the real Mountain and Sea Realm!


The blade flashed, and the Karma was severed!

The Nine Mountains trembled, then began to collapse into fragments. Allheaven screamed in defiance, but was completely and utterly incapable of doing anything!

“Seal the Karma of the Seas!” Meng Hao’s hands flashed in a double-handed incantation gesture, and then he waved his finger again, this time at the Nine Seas. The Nine Seas began to tremble, and yet no matter how they wanted to fight back, not even a single wave could be seen on their surfaces. They had been suppressed to the ultimate degree.

Their connection to the true Mountain and Sea Realm was completely severed away!

“NO!!” Allheaven’s cry rang out into the starry sky, filling the hearts of all living beings. He wanted to fight back, to struggle, to resist. He simply couldn't believe that his seventh transformation could be defeated so easily.

That seventh transformation might not be complete, and might only have been unleashed by his clone, but it was still incredibly powerful. How could he ever have imagined that Meng Hao could defeat the seventh transformation as easily as flipping over a hand?!

His bitter cry rang out as the Mountains and Seas collapsed. His humanoid shape once again appeared, which was the very moment Meng Hao had been waiting for.

“Seal all Karma connecting you to the starry sky of the Vast Expanse!” he said, his eyes glittering with light as cold as the deepest winter night. “Henceforth, your true form may exist outside of the Vast Expanse, but you may not step even half a pace inside. Neither your body nor your soul may enter. As of this moment, my will has replaced yours!”

Meng Hao performed an incantation gesture with his right hand, drawing upon the ultimate power of Karmic Hexing, and then shoved his hand out.

That movement caused the Mountains and Seas to shatter. At the same time, an invisible blade slashed into Allheaven’s clone form. His body was destroyed, and his connection to the starry sky of the Vast Expanse completely severed.

A huge boom echoed out, causing the starry sky to tremble. When Allheaven’s connection was severed, Meng Hao’s will exploded out, replacing Allheaven’s, taking complete control of the starry sky within the Vast Expanse.

In that moment, all life forms could sense that... the Heavens were about to be altered!

“The clone of Allheaven has been cut down. Henceforth, within the Vast Expanse, I am the Heavens!” He waved his sleeve, causing a burst of power to spread out. It was power, not from Meng Hao, but from the actual starry sky of the Vast Expanse.

Power like that was different from the power of Meng Hao’s Transcendence. However, considering the look of terror on Allheaven’s face, it was obvious that such power was still incredible.

It was at this point that the trembling and crumbling clone of Allheaven suddenly looked over at Meng Hao, then threw his head back and laughed uproariously.

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