Chapter 1578: Allheaven Transformation!

Chapter 1578: Allheaven Transformation!

In that moment of severing, Meng Hao’s cultivation base advanced. Although he was still half a step into the Ancestor Realm, he made significant progress.

His hair whipped about, and his energy surged. He took a deep breath, and the entire starry sky of the Vast Expanse shook. The eyes of Allheaven’s clone went wide as he glared at Meng Hao.

“I am the will of the starry sky,” he said. “I am its soul. My words are natural law, and my thoughts are magical law!

“On this day, I lay down a new law. Wherever I stand, there shall be no safe place for this cultivator!”

As soon as the words left the clone’s mouth, the starry sky began to tremble. Rumbling like thunder could be heard, and rifts opened...

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