Chapter 1576: All Beings Acknowledge Allegiance!

Seven God Steps.

It was a magical technique that could build up explosive power, and actually originated in the Devil Realm Continent. Now, Meng Hao was fueling it with the power of Transcendence, causing it to reach a terrifying and virtually indescribable level.

In this case, describing it as something which could crush and destroy Heaven and Earth was no exaggeration. As of this moment, that was literally what Meng Hao was doing!


As that seventh step landed, the giant that was the Devil Realm Continent, the doppelgänger of the will of Allheaven, shuddered violently. Then its head shattered, transforming into countless chunks of rubble that burst out in all directions.

Next was its neck, its torso, its arms, and its legs.... Massive rumbling echoed out as this giant, which could cause even 9-Essences experts to tremble, exploded, sending a shockwave blasting out into the starry sky.

“Come out and fight, Allheaven!” Meng Hao said, swishing his sleeve and causing a huge tempest to rise up.

His words weren’t spoken very loudly, and yet they contained a majestic natural law, transforming them into a shockwave that swept out with incredible power. All of the attacking life forms who were swept over by that shockwave instantly coughed up blood and then were shredded away into nothing.

The entire starry sky shook, and countless heavenly bodies trembled. Land masses were shattered, and asteroids became dust. Arcane Pocket Realms, vortexes, and worlds all trembled beneath the sound of Meng Hao’s voice.

As of that moment, Meng Hao was truly the most powerful entity within the starry sky of the Vast Expanse, and he was issuing a challenge to the will of that starry sky. To... Allheaven!

However, the will of the starry sky didn't seem inclined to respond to Meng Hao at all. The response to his words came from the surrounding living beings, within whose mind a cold voice suddenly spoke.

Kill! Kill them all! Spare no cost!

Stain the starry sky red with blood! Even if nothing living remains, you must kill!

To Allheaven, none of the living creatures within the starry sky of the Vast Expanse were important. The only important thing was the threat that Meng Hao posed. Allheaven had no choice but to respond, and had no choice but to feel incredible fear and terror. Before the face-to-face battle occurred, if the deaths of the living creatures in the Vast Expanse could expose a flaw in Meng Hao, then it would all be worth it. Allheaven wanted to observe Meng Hao’s Essence, wanted to understand Meng Hao’s Dao, wanted to memorize his magics. Allheaven wanted to understand Meng Hao, and thus, be more confident in being able to fight him directly!

The sounds of intense fighting instantly rose up as the countless incoming living beings attacked with red-eyed madness. The cultivators from the Vast Expanse School couldn’t possibly hold their own against such an overwhelming force, and were slowly being pushed back. The enemy forces... were simply too numerous.

There were so many that it was virtually impossible to describe. It was as if all life forms in the starry sky of the Vast Expanse were on the warpath.

There were numerous Paragons. 9-Essences experts could be seen. All of them were fighting like mad, ignoring any injury to themselves, even resorting to self-detonation.

Meng Hao looked at what was happening and then closed his eyes. However, that only lasted for one short breath of time. Then his eyes opened again, and they shone with merciless coldness. He took a step forward, and suddenly appeared on the western side of the battlefield. All of the living beings there who saw him descending began to tremble from within the depths of their hearts.

“I call upon the power of my name to seal the life forces of all beings in this area!” With that, he extended his right hand and then pushed it down. Something like infinite howling could be heard. Natural laws were forcibly altered, and magical laws were stripped away. All of the living beings began to tremble as their cultivation bases and life forces were altered by the changes to the natural and magical laws. Their cultivation bases began to crumble, and their life forces went dim. In the blink of an eye, countless beings were transformed into corpses.

Innumerable bodies floated in the starry sky, with Meng Hao being the only living person. As he hovered there, mixed emotions could be seen on his face, and yet there was no regret visible as he looked coldly at the groups of living beings in the other three directions.

Gasps rang out, but the will of the Vast Expanse urged them on with even more intensity than before. However, considering they were facing Meng Hao, an entity of unimaginable, inconceivable power, they almost couldn’t muster the energy to move, and their minds were overwhelmed with dread.

“Only those who kowtow to me and call upon my name, those who acknowledge allegiance to me, will be able to continue existing within this starry sky.

“Those who resist will die along with Allheaven.” The sight of him hovering there surrounded by countless corpses caused his words to seem even more thunderous than before.

Even as the feeling of awe filled the living beings, the will of Allheaven crushed down on them with even more intense power. It was like a howling roar that caused all of the living beings to tremble. Their eyes were bloodshot as they once again began to fight. At the same time, more creatures appeared off in the distance.

Frowning, Meng Hao let out a cold harrumph. His eyes flickered with killing intent as he took another step forward. At the same time, he spoke, his voice as cold as ice.

“I hereby deprive you of your right to practice cultivation, and also extinguish the flame of your life forces.” As soon as the words left his mouth, the void trembled and began to collapse. Blood sprayed out of the mouths of the surrounding Outsiders as the properties within their blood that allowed them to practice cultivation suddenly melted.

The flames of their life force were also extinguished. More blood sprayed about in all directions, and soon, nothing was left behind but swathes of corpses.

Meng Hao hovered there, looking around at the living creatures of the Vast Expanse. He said nothing, choosing only to raise his right hand. From the look of it, all he had to do was lower that hand, and all of the surrounding beings would be wiped out of existence.

That was the incredible level of power that was Transcendence. All of the various beings present collapsed mentally. They were shaking, petrified, and despite the lashings of the will of Allheaven, they couldn't forget the terrifying things they had just witnessed. That in itself caused the will of Allheaven to begin to crumble.

It was impossible to say who did it first, but one by one, the various living beings of the Vast Expanse dropped to their knees, their minds blank, their hearts in complete chaos.

“I acknowledge allegiance....”

“I acknowledge allegiance!”

“We acknowledge allegiance....” Countless voices echoed out from near and far, even from those beings far off in the distance.

All beings were acknowledging allegiance!

Meng Hao hovered there in the starry sky, looking off into the distance, his eyes radiating killing intent.

“Allheaven, show your damned face right now!” he roared.

Chapter 1576: All Beings Acknowledge Allegiance!

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