Chapter 1574: Qualified to Explore the Universe!

Chapter 1574: Qualified to Explore the Universe!

When the cultivator army from the Vast Expanse School saw what was happening, they gasped, and excitement grew. The old lizard’s eyes went wide from the thought of how Meng Hao’s power seemed to be completely limitless.

“This is Transcendence? It’s… omnipotence!” The Sect Leader’s eyes burned with hope. Jin Yunshan was panting.

Meng Hao looked down at the vicious dragon, and his eyes glimmered with profound light. Then he turned toward the Devil Realm Continent.

The cultivators from that continent were already fighting with the forces from the Vast Expanse School. To Meng Hao, it looked almost exactly the same as what had occurred with the Immortal God Continent...

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