Chapter 1567: Not Willing!

Chapter 1567: Not Willing!

Almost as soon as the words left his mouth, Meng Hao’s pupils constricted as he sensed a very unique aura rising up from within the Immortal God Continent.

It was like a will, or perhaps a stream of divine sense, something all-powerful and supremely domineering.

A red glow rose up from deep within the Immortal God Continent, a color like that of blood. It was something domineering, aggressive, and filled with madness. It was a light... which could exterminate all life!

Almost as soon as the red light appeared, the vast hosts of cultivators from the Immortal God Continent looked extremely excited.

“Ji Realm Ancestral Light!!” [1. The Ji Realm is something which comes from very early in Renegade Immortal. It has nothing to do with the Ji Clan in this story, the Chinese characters are different]

“We’re not defeated yet! How could we lose!?” Roaring, they began to fight back against the Vast Expanse School with full power. At the same time, Meng Hao heard the words they were shouting.

“Ji Realm Ancestral Light!” Meng Hao looked at the red light as it spilled out rapidly toward the cultivators of the Vast Expanse School.

Meng Hao could sense the terrifying nature of that power, and was sure that it was something that the cultivators of the Vast Expanse School could not defend against. If it managed to spread out over the army, more than half of the force would be killed.

Meng Hao suddenly laughed and took a step forward, looking completely unruffled. Shockingly, when he reappeared, he was directly in front of the red light. Then he extended his right hand and pushed it straight out in front of him.

The red light which had exploded out from the deepest parts of the Immortal God Continent immediately reacted to Meng Hao. It began to shine even more dazzlingly than before, spreading out rapidly, then converging together in a beam that shot straight toward Meng Hao.

The speed at which it moved defied imagination. In the blink of an eye, it became something like red lightning which flashed through the air toward Meng Hao’s outstretched hand.

Everything around Meng Hao was shaking violently. The starry sky was collapsing as countless red sparks of electricity raged around him. His hair whipped about his head, and his clothes flapped violently as the red light surrounded him.

By now, all of the cultivators present, both those from the Vast Expanse School and the Immortal God Continent, were all looking over in shock.

Time seemed to slow down as the red light around Meng Hao slowly began to fade away. He looked up, and then snapped his fingers.

Instantly, a sound like a thunderclap filled the world.

The red lightning bolt shattered, becoming nothing more than motes of red light that floated out to vanish into the starry sky.

“The Ji Realm Ancestral Light,” he murmured softly. “Not bad. Enough to exterminate all things which have not Transcended.” With that, he swished his sleeve as calmly as before, hovering there in the starry sky, looking down at the entire Immortal God Continent.

His gaze was something filled with seemingly endless dignity. At that point, all living things on the land mass suddenly trembled and then simultaneously shouted,

“Anyone who assaults the Immortal God Continent shall DIIIIEEEEEEEEE!” As their roar spread out, the Immortal God Continent began to crack and crumble. Mountains were rent apart, and rivers were destroyed. It was as though two huge hands were ripping the lands apart, from within which a huge figure appeared.

It was a giant!

These were resources which had apparently been buried beneath the ground. The giant’s eyes opened, and nine glittering stars appeared on his forehead. He raised his right hand, slamming it down onto the lands to launch himself up into the Heavens.

“God Tribe!” he roared. As he flew up into the air, he began to rapidly expand, reaching a size that might even rival a planet, the sight of which caused all onlookers to be shaken with fear.

If that were all there were to it, it might not be a big deal. But then, more rifts opened up on the Immortal God Continent, and dozens of figures were revealed beneath.

Numerous giants all opened their eyes and roared as they flew up. The starry sky was shaken by the intense, ancient energy that radiated out.

One by one, the true resources of the Immortal God Continent were being revealed. However, as everything was playing out, it only served to confirm Meng Hao’s speculations regarding what was truly going on.

“All of this probably isn’t real,” he thought, looking at the charging God Tribe giants. With that, he lifted his right hand and pushed it out casually in front of him.

The air in front of him distorted as the power of time emanated out soundlessly in all directions. Natural laws were twisted, and magical laws were bent. Everyone watched in shock as the incredibly powerful God Tribe giants trembled, and then began to physically wither. By the time they reached the expressionless Meng Hao, they were so weak that they crumbled into ash.

The final 9-Star giant threw his head back and let out a roar of fear and rage. It was as if his mission was to defend the Immortal God Continent, to pay any price, even die in battle for it!

The giant roared, clenching his hand into a fist which he punched out toward Meng Hao. Despite the fact that his body was crumbling, he still managed to unleash the powerful fist strike.

Power seemed to flow from ancient times, transforming into a tempest that rumbling out in shocking fashion, exceeding the 9-Essences level and reaching that of Transcendence.

It was the power of a Transcendent fleshly body, something which could ignore natural and magical laws. Even the old lizard was shocked by the sight of it, and was left trembling. By now, everyone understood the shocking nature of the reserves at the disposal of the Immortal God Continent.

The last of the God Tribe giants poured all of his life force into the ultimate fist strike to try to take out Meng Hao, and yet, before it could touch him, the giant crumbled into ash.

Meng Hao had not Transcended merely in body, but also in cultivation base and soul. He was his own Essence, and was already half a step into the Ancestor Realm.

“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust....” Meng Hao said softly. “I have to say that I respect you. And yet... attacking like this was probably not what you wished to do. Allow me to sever your puppet strings for you.” With that, he took a step forward toward the Immortal God Continent.

By now, he had seen through to the true nature of the place, and the only way to erase the final uncertainties was to go inspect the place personally.

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