Chapter 1564: Immortal God Opening Salvo!

Chapter 1564: Immortal God Opening Salvo!

“Or perhaps it’s always been different, and my cultivation base was just never high enough that I would notice.” He looked thoughtfully around at the fighting, and all of a sudden, noticed one particular woman.

It was the same woman who had tried to kill him in years past, whom he had bitten, tearing a chunk of flesh off of her face. Right now, she was fighting with one of the Vast Expanse School’s 9-Essences Paragons.

In the two thousand years which had passed, the woman was still in the early 9-Essences level. Her cultivation base had made virtually no progress. When Meng Hao realized that, his eyes narrowed. He had his speculations about what was going on with the Immortal God Continent, and although he was very confident that he was right, he had...

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