Chapter 1561: Mountain Among Mountains!

Chapter 1561: Mountain Among Mountains!

Meng Hao and Xu Qing traveled throughout the world of the Mountain and Sea Butterfly to visit many old friends and acquaintances. They wept, and they sighed. In most cases, it was impossible to maintain the friendships of the past. After all, Meng Hao’s status was now completely different from before, and led to a feeling of distance.

Eventually, they came to visit Fang Yu and Sun Hai. When Meng Hao saw the proud look on Sun Hai’s face, he cleared his throat and said, “Hello, Li’l Hai.”

Those words immediately caused Sun Hai’s pompous, proud posture to wilt, and a fawning smile to cover his face.

One couldn’t blame Sun Hai for that. Meng Hao’s ferocity and fame from years past had influenced Sun Hai in a profound way. That was clear from the fact that he had no hair on his...

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