Chapter 81: The Patriarch’s Immortal’s Cave (Teaser)

Chapter 81: The Patriarch’s Immortal’s Cave

In Patriarch Reliance’s meditation zone, all of the Cultivators from the State of Zhao were staring at the stone stele which had been left behind by Chen Fan [1. Chen Fan left behind the in Chapter 40]. With great enthusiasm, they copied the text onto jade slips.

“This stone stele is the Sublime Spirit Scripture!”

“I never imagined it would be so simple to get! Haha! Even though I’ve already established my Foundation, with this scripture, I can form a second Core sea. With this Qi Condensation manual, I can raise the Dao pillars of my Foundation from Fractured to Cracked. It might even be possible to form a Flawless Foundation!”

Lord Revelation approached, followed by the dignified old woman. “No,” she said, “only half of the scripture is here….” She could tell the truth of it from a single glance.

Lord Revelation continued forward a few steps, his eyes shining with a strange light.

Suddenly, the stele, as if it couldn’t withstand being the subject of so many gazes, began to fracture. Popping sounds could be heard as cracks spread out across it. Everyone watched on in shock.

As the cracks spread, the golden characters faded, to be replaced by another set of characters, these ones dim and...

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