Chapter 80: Meng Hao’s Scheming (Teaser)

Chapter 80: Meng Hao’s Scheming

“Fellow Daoist, there’s no need to lose your temper,” said Lord Revelation, smiling. “As far as these trifling issues amongst the junior generation, why don’t we just watch on?”

As these words were exchanged between the two of them, Liu Daoyun let out another miserable cry. Meng Hao stepped forward, and with the slice of a sword, sent Liu Daoyun’s left arm flying off from his body. Blood sprayed everywhere. More flying swords flew out from Meng Hao’s bag of holding. One after another, they stabbed into his opponent. Blood spread out everywhere. In the space of an instant, Liu Daoyun’s body was penetrated by a dozen swords.

Leaning up toward him, Meng Hao quietly said, “If I say that you will die this day, then die you shall.”

Despair filled Liu Daoyun’s wide eyes. Blood seeped out of his mouth.

The four Foundation Establishment Cultivators watched in shock as the scene unfolded. They were especially astounded by Meng Hao’s vicious expression.

“Enough!” said one of the Core...

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