Chapter 78: No Choice but to Believe!

Chapter 78: No Choice but to Believe!

“Fellow Daoist Revelation truly deserves his reputation of being able to make ingenious divinations,” said one of the Core Formation Eccentrics from the three great Sects. He laughed.

“He arrived here even faster than us.”

“You three Sects didn’t notify me, so I was forced to divine things for myself,” said Lord Revelation in a cool tone.

“Very well,” said one of the Cold Wind Sect Core Formation Eccentrics. He wore a long black robe. “Now that the kid has been found, it won’t be long before we can get into Patriarch Reliance’s meditation zone. This matter has been going on for quite a while. Even the great Sects in the Southern Domain are aware of what’s going on.” His gaze had fallen onto Meng Hao, and he looked at him expressionlessly, as if he were cricket.

The lot of them didn’t pay him any heed whatsoever as they spoke, as if they knew that their words could decide his life or death. In fact, their conversation would determine his fate.

Meng Hao said nothing. He knew that if he wanted to fight back against their bullying, he would have to think of a method. His mind spun as he analyzed the situation.

“Patriarch,” said Liu Daoyun, bowing with clasped hands toward one of his Sect’s Core Formation Eccentrics. “This person has a treasured spear hidden on his person.” He lifted his head and looked at Meng Hao with a sneer, the venom written clearly on his face.

“So, the tiny Qi Condensation Cultivator turns out to be of the ninth level….” said the black-robed Cultivator coolly, his face seemingly permanently red. “No wonder he was able to throw the Cultivation World of the State of Zhao into such chaos.” He lifted his hand toward Meng Hao as if he were about to grab him.

“I am here, and so is the spear,” said Meng Hao suddenly, his eyes flashing. His voice could sever nails and slice iron. A wild look appeared in his eyes that seemed to say he knew he was powerless to prevent them from taking his treasures, but if they did, he would end his own life immediately.

Hearing Meng Hao speak, the old man who had been about to make a move on him stopped and frowned. The onlookers also frowned.

“My Cultivation base is low and weak,” said Meng Hao. “If the older generation wishes to rob my treasures, please do so. But if I lose even one treasure, then I will end my life. And if I am dead, then I can’t take you to Founder Patriarch’s meditation zone. I would rather die than be robbed by you!” As he spoke, his face shone with determination.

“I can just kill you,” said one of the six Core Formation Cultivators, “then use a heaven-defying Soulsearch to drag the location out of you.”

When Meng Hao heard this, he let out a hearty laugh. Not the slightest look of fear could be seen in his eyes. His laughter echoed through the mountains, stabbing into the ears of the old Eccentrics.

“If you plan to Search me then go ahead. Only Inner Sect Disciples know the location of the Patriarch’s meditation zone. But even if you know the location, without me alive, conscious, and unharmed, you’ll never be able to get inside.” When they heard this, all the old Eccentrics stared at him with eyes as cold as ice.

“You of the elder generation have profound Cultivation bases. Surely you know some Spirit Puppetry arts. But without my consciousness there, or if I have been injured in any way, you won’t be able to enter. You must have my complete and utter support!” Decisiveness filled Meng Hao’s voice. He gave them the feeling that he had thrown all caution to the wind, which made them frown.

Actually, when it came to Meng Hao, they didn’t care so much about him; what they truly were interested in was Patriarch Reliance’s Sublime Spirit Scripture. The Eccentrics frowned and then looked toward Lord Revelation.

He stared at Meng Hao, his eyes flashing. Even though he was capable of divining many things, he wasn’t able to divine anything at all about this particular matter. All eyes were on him as he spoke.

“I can’t divine the details. But even if ninety-five percent of what this kid says is false, we still can’t afford to gamble on it.” His words echoed the thoughts of all the onlookers. These Eccentrics were experienced and astute, as well as crafty. However, all their scheming couldn’t assure victory under these circumstances. This was because… they couldn’t afford to bet. Even if most of what Meng Hao said was a lie, there could be some truth to it.

If they lost, they lost the chance to get into Patriarch Reliance’s Immortal’s Cave. That in turn would mean they lost any chance at the Sublime Spirit Scripture. Anyone, be they at Foundation Establishment or Core Formation, could use Qi Condensation Manual of the Sublime Spirit Scripture to form a second Core Lake within their bodies. They could also repair the Dao pillars they had formed during their Foundation Establishment. If successful, it could make a Cracked Foundation into a Flawless Foundation. To a Core Formation Cultivator, this would also have a big influence on their Core level, which was something they all yearned for.

There were only three great books in the world which contained the secrets methods of how to Cultivate a new Core Lake, even beyond the Qi Condensation stage.

“Very well,” said one of the six, a noble-looking old woman with a hoarse voice. When her words rang out, everyone grew silent. “We are here for the Sublime Spirit Scripture. There’s no need to cause further complications. Child, we won’t steal any of your treasures, nor will we Soulsearch you or turn you into a puppet. But you must assist us, otherwise you are well aware of what the consequences will be. Which is more important, your life? Or the Patriarch’s? As for which decision is best, I’m sure you don’t need our advice on that.”

Meng Hao was silent for a moment, then suddenly said, “Give me one million Spirit Stones! And, I demand the right to kill this person!” His eyes flashed as he pointed at Liu Daoyun.

Liu Daoyun’s face grew somber and venom flickered within his eyes. He had just been contemplating various ways to kill Meng Hao. To be suddenly singled out by Meng Hao caused him to reflexively step backwards a few paces.

His heart raced, and cold sweat broke out on his forehead. He knew that these Patriarchs would most likely give in to Meng Hao’s every demand to get what they wanted.

“Patriarchs…” said Liu Daoyun, his face pale as he looked up at the two Core Formation Patriarchs from the Cold Wind Sect.

The red-faced old man gave a cold snort. He flicked his sleeve and looked at Meng Hao with cold eyes.

“That will not happen! Tiny Qi Condensation Cultivator, you have an exaggerated opinion of yourself. You dare to make demands of us?!”

“Meng Hao,” said one of the Core Formation Eccentrics, an old man in a red robe. “Don’t bring up the matter of killing again. And as for the Spirit Stones, we have no way to meet your demand.”

“If I get no Spirit Stones, and if this man doesn’t die, then I, Meng, will absolutely not agree to take you of the elder generation to the Patriarch’s meditation zone. Without my heartfelt consent, you’ll never get into his Immortal’s Cave.” Meng Hao’s voice was resolute, and his face emanated an expression that said he was ready to risk everything. He would die without even a frown if he had to.

“Meng Hao…” Liu Daoyun stared at him murderously, his eyes filling up with killing intent.

“Very well,” said the dignified old woman in her husky voice. “As for this Cold Wind Sect disciple, your request is denied. Regarding the Spirit Stones, I will take the responsibility for that. I will give you one hundred thousand now, and the rest after we open the Immortal’s Cave.” If Meng Hao hadn’t made any demands, it would have aroused suspicion. She flicked her sleeve, and a bag of holding flew toward Meng Hao. He didn’t catch it, but instead moved backward and let the bag fall to the ground.

“Very well,” said Meng Hao slowly. “The killing is off the table. Liu Daoyun, pick up that bag of holding and take the Spirit Stones out of it.”

The woman’s eyes flickered imperceptibly. The other Core Formation Eccentrics also gave him flickering looks.

Liu Daoyun was furious to the extreme. However, Meng Hao’s request was not overly excessive. Even the red-faced old man didn’t say anything, but rather indicated for Liu Daoyun to comply.

Liu Daoyun took a deep breath, pushed down his fury, then walked forward to pick up the bag of holding. He shook the bag, and a massive amount of Spirit Stones poured out onto the ground. They glittered brightly. Liu Daoyun looked at them for a moment, and started to breathe a bit faster.

Meng Hao looked over the Spirit Stones, his expression calm. Then he collected them into his own bag of holding. He had no choice but to exercise caution. These people were not Foundation Establishment Cultivators, but rather of the Core Formation stage. If they wanted to kill him, it would be easier than stepping on a bug.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they couldn’t afford to gamble in this matter, he wouldn’t be able to stand up to them at all, regardless if it were regarding Cultivation base or scheming.

Therefore, Meng Hao did not attempt to pull of some tricky, crafty plot. Instead, he plotted openly. He was betting that even if these people didn’t believe him, they had no choice but to believe.

“You have your Spirit Stones. But this is a weighty matter. Please consume this medicinal pill.” The old woman lifted her right hand, and a black-colored medicinal pill appeared.

When it did, a wind instantly picked up, as if a massive amount of spiritual energy were being gathered up. Slowly, the image of a wicked centipede came to be visible on the surface of the medicinal pill.

Meng Hao’s expression changed. He looked at the pill cautiously.

When Liu Daoyun saw all of this happening, a hideous grin appeared on his face. The Foundation Establishment Cultivators floating in the air watched on, their faces expressionless, but their eyes sneering at Meng Hao.

As for the Core Formation Eccentrics, none of them batted an eye. If the old woman hadn’t produced a pill, they probably would have. Their eyes glittered as they watched.

In terms of scheming, Meng Hao was like a child compared to them. If his plots had truly displeased them, then any ideas he came up with would be useless.

“If you consume the pill, then you can lead the way. If you don’t consume it, then we will have to try out our Soulsearch and Spirit Puppetry arts.” The old woman spoke coolly, her expression containing neither happiness nor anger. She flicked her fingers, and the poison pill shot forward to hover in front of Meng Hao.

Meng Hao hesitated for a moment in thought. He wasn’t sure whether or not the pill really was poisonous. Perhaps it was something else even more nefarious. But he didn’t seem to have any other choice. He clenched his jaw, then reached out and grabbed the pill.

“Speaking of poison pills, I have one as well,” said the red-faced old man with a laugh. He flicked his wide sleeve, and a reddish pill appeared in his hand. It flew to Meng Hao.

“Actually, our Sect happens to have one as well.” It turned out the Core Formation Cultivators from the three great Sects all had poison pills. The pills transformed into beams of light as they flew toward Meng Hao.

The old woman’s face was calm, and it was impossible to tell what she was thinking. She looked around coolly at her fellow Eccentrics, saying nothing. They were all circumspect and far-seeing. If Meng Hao swallowed one poison pill, he might as well swallow more. This way, he wouldn’t just be under the control of the old woman. This was the most fair method.

“Seeing the Fellow Daoist’s actions, I must humbly act to save my own face.” Lord Revelation smiled and waved his right hand. A three-colored medicinal pill appeared and raced toward Meng Hao.

Compared to the other medicinal pills, this pill appeared extraordinary. Meng Hao wasn’t sure why, but when his gaze fell onto this pill, his entire body felt jittery.

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