I Gave Up Being Stronger

I Gave Up Being Stronger

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As a top-ranking swordsman, he knew very well that there was no such thing as a 'Munchkin' in the world he was in.
But it seemed that he was wrong all the while.
'I should slowly stop getting stronger now... But can I really do this?'
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Original work ©bichoo/KWBOOKS

Launch date: 20 October 2023

Editor: econ

Release rate: 7 chapters a week

Ex-editor: Jyazen

25 Reviews
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6 months ago
Seeing how vague the summary and the previous review was, Here’s one for you after reading 20 released chapters.

The world is suddenly initiated and people acquire classes to fight dungeons and monsters, While earth becomes a “game server”. Cha Jin-Hyeok our MC becomes one of the strongest players working for Korean government and dies in a dungeon years later (Not a revenge story, Dies against a dungeon boss). He regresses and decides that he went too crazy last time and decides to go easy and become a “streamer” who broadcasts earth server to various other worlds and servers. Of course because of last life he is a bit OP but thinks he is weak af. MC Is ruthless yet kind, Has very low EQ. So far it’s a good take on this modern dungeon regression genre.


Something I loved about this is how MC explains that in his past Life despite being one of the strongest, most of the players were of similar strengths and no one guy was too overpowered, It feels a lot more realistic. MC seems to have lost is EQ by just fighting and fighting for years, But has enough empathy to almost cry after meeting his family after years. Anyway it seems good enough to give it a try.

5 months ago
Currently at chapter 48 and the highest tier of champion at the time of this review.

It’s a typical story where MC was op in his 1st life, dies and is now running it back for a 2nd chance to turn things around. He’s dead set on being 3rd place in order to not stand out too much and potential gets killed again for being too op.

He basically an introvert w/ a gamers mindset. This leads to what I think is funny interactions w/ characters that he meets through the story so far. I think that this is the story’s strongest point because it’s different from other regressor stories on wuxiaworld. He isn’t dead set on revenge or trying even harder to be better that his past life. He just wants to be good enough to be a good son and retire in peace.

I also enjoy that side characters in this novel actually have a purpose and push forward the story in a fun way. They aren’t just there as filler or just to be useless so it’ll make the MC shine more.

Overall if you like regressor novels like rebirth of the thief or game of monarch. You’ll like this story too.

A big plus is that there’s no random crowd that just constantly repeat the feats of side characters no one cares about or just describe a fight scene that we just read.

6 months ago
Great novel! Its really entertaining and the mc is a breath of fresh air and hilarious in an unexpected way. Its at the same time similar to other novels with the streaming theme but also completely different because of the attitude of the main character. The reactions to the main characters way of doing things are very funny. The only downside is that there are not enough chapters yet. Up until now I have read chapter 28. Hope this gets picked up for regular updates. The translators are doing a great job and the comments are on point. So if you want something lighthearted and funny to read with an op mc give this work a shot.

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5 months ago

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6 months ago

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